Frequently Asked Questions

Just what exactly *IS* an escape room?
Real-life room escape games are a type of teamwork based adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.

How long does each room take?
Each room has a timer of 1 hour. If you solve all of the puzzles before that timer expires, you win! We normally have a short “debriefing” which allows you to discuss the room and any puzzles you may not have completed. You should plan on being in our facility for about 1.5 hours.

How many people can be in the room at one time?
The size of the rooms vary. During booking, you can see the maximum amount of people allowed in the room at one time. Typically 6-8 are allowed at one time. We do allow the max to be exceeded in very special circumstances. You would need to contact us via a private message on social media, e-mail, or a telephone call in order to set up a special circumstance.  (This is typically not allowed.)

I am very claustrophobic, will this be a problem for me?
You can exit our rooms at any time you wish, by entering a special “emergency” code that you will be given before you go in the room.  Our rooms are designed to be fun and engaging, without being scary.  The rooms themselves are converted offices, so you if you can stand being in an office with the door closed you shouldn’t have any trouble in our rooms.  If you have any major concerns, feel free to contact us and we can address them the best we can.

If I do the room again, will it be the same as last time?
Yes and no. We change the rooms every few months. While the story and theme may be the same, the puzzles themselves are changed. So if you were to re-do a room within a few weeks of having done it before, it would be exactly the same. You can check our website for the dates the last time the room was changed.

Do I need to be really smart or have a lot of “street smarts” to have fun?
Our rooms have been designed with teams in mind. So even if you’re “not smart” or aren’t inclined in solving problems, you still will have a role in the team. Our goal is for you to have fun. If for some reason you don’t, let us know so we can fix that problem!

Do I get a prize for successfully completing a room?
At this time, there are no prizes for successfully completing a room. We may consider that option at a later time. Trust us… it’s a huge rush to successfully complete a room, you won’t feel like you need a prize.

I’ve never done a room before… how do I learn how to play?
The great thing about escape rooms is they don’t require any previous experience! We have a few rules that we will go over prior to your playing, but other than that you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of this type of activity.

Will one of your staff be in the room with us?
No, we don’t enter the rooms with you. We do have staff who monitor every room continually via video and audio equipment.

If you are locking me in a room, how would I get out in an emergency?
While we do physically lock the door, there are many ways out in an emergency. The locks on the door are battery powered and there is an emergency escape code, which you will be told prior to beginning the room.  Staff can also open the door from the opposite side to allow players to leave.

How much physical activity does it require?
You will not be required to lift heavy objects, jump, run or expend any more energy than is required to walk for an hour. We do provide limited seating inside the rooms, should you need to sit and rest.

Do I have to role play?
Nope! Though, you are welcome to if you wish, but most people don’t.

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